• What if it rains?
    Unfortunately, we have more rain in the Netherlands compared to Southern Europe, even in the summer. As a Dutch wedding photographer i'm well-prepared and equipped for this. At every wedding i'm bringing studio lights with me, just in case we're shooting indoors. In the last week before the wedding i will make a call to talk about the weather forecast.

  • What if you are sick?
    Fortunately that has not happened yet!
    I do not take unnecessary risks. Try to live as healthy as possible, exercise a lot.
    Because I have been doing this job for years, I have built up a network of wedding photographers who could come in for me.

  • Do you edit all of our photographs?
    Yes, I do! Every photo is corrected on exposure, color and contrast.

  • Will our photo be watermarked, contain logos?
    The high resolution photos do not bear any watermarks and logo's.

  • Can I purchase an deluxe album after my wedding?
    Yes, until two years after your wedding you can order an album.

  • Where are you based and how far are you willing to travel?
    I'm based in Rijswijk (near The Hague) in The Netherlands. I love to see new places, i won't change travel costs within The Netherlands

  • Will it be you photographing my wedding?
    Of course, our personal relation is what makes the genuine moments in photos.