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Profile wedding photographer Maarten Thiebou

Nice that you have expressed an interest in my work. In 2003, my career as a wedding photographer started when I started working for a local wedding photographer. After first year I'd already shot 25 weddings of couples of a wide variety of different cultures in the Netherlands. In 2007, I've started my own business CAVE7. 2008 I graduated as a photographer and designer at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. In addition to wedding photography, I also work as a fashion photographer for product well known clothing & fashion brands.

What distinguishes me as a wedding photographer

I have a lot of experience as a wedding photographer capturing more than 300 weddings to dateI love to provide you images that reflect your own style, love and commitment for each other. In addition to minute attention to detail I have plenty of experience with (wedding) dress and makeup. In preparation for your special day I'd like to plenty of time to get to know you as a couple better, so that you can be completely be yourself for the camera. By creating a story during the shoot are the they are taking in a more natural way, without too much posing. Besides capturing images I have many years of experience in photo editing and processing.

Why capturing weddings?

It is a great privilege to be able to capture amazing moments of two soulmates on their wedding day. I have lots of passion for photography in general, but especially for wedding photography. I provide wedding photography, because I enjoy when people have found each other and commit to sharing their life together. My aim is that when people see the photos, they again experienced the love between the couple and look back on a very memorable day! I personally think it's something very special when people get married in this day and age. And I believe that I can add something of permanent value on the most important day of your life.

Things I love

A good conversation, delicious mint tea , a good book with a glass of port , fitness, board games , fashion and photography.

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