Marcia & Brian

The website "Ikzegja" with pictures looked so good that we wanted to get to knowwith Maarten as a photographer for our wedding. The introduction with us and our children at our home was very nice, we got to know each other better and discussed the wedding day. Then it was time, June 20, 2015 was our wedding day and Maarten has a great way of creating a great way of caputuring the day. Exactly 999 pictures; none which we would want to miss. Of us as newlyweds, the children, witnesses our relatives but also beautiful details such as rings, the wedding venue and nature, the lovely food to the party. Not the standard pictures but slightly different. A permanent reminder of our beautiful celebration of love, again many thanks for this.

Ralf & Nina

"Dear Maarten,
We look back on a wonderful day. What a party! Thanks again for your tireless dedication, good ideas, help and advice, and most certainly the friendly presence."

Merijn & Maaike

"Thanks for being not only the wedding photographer, but also especially P.A. Not thought about beforehand how important the role of wedding photographer during the day. We realize very lucky that we have with you. Anyone who was at applauded you, the way you present, how you took pictures, and the nice guy you were. Thanks again!"

Marc & Eefje

"Dear Maarten, a huge thank you for your efforts and the great photos you've taken on our wedding day. You're very thoughtful and attentive throughout the day (and preparation) and is always ready for a picture at the right moments! And to our great surprise you had our wedding pictures two days later ready, so we could delicious afterglow. Thank you!"

Jerwin & Anouk

"We had Maarten found over the internet, and as with the first call already a real click! We have experienced it as a very friendly photographer with an eye for detail. He understands fashion and advise where necessary. Maarten is open to ideas, but also make a clear idea about how to make the best pictures. Of our guests we have been told that they were impressed by the professionalism and dedication of Maarten as a photographer. The first picture we saw was breathtaking. The other photos are also super nice, so it was very difficult to choose what we wanted to have in our album. Maarten, thank you very much for all your photos and we look forward to the album! "

Steven & Eve

"Our wedding day on July 4, 2014 has been recorded with Maarten in a nice way. In the preliminary Maarten was easy to get to and he thought well over our day. He was very clear in the opportunities that were there and talked extensively with us all aspects. On the day Maarten was caught early and he was very attentive to every possible photo opportunities that were there. Besides directing and scene set of beautiful pictures he has managed without us even once made beautiful pictures. He is very versatile and keen to make beautiful and good photos at all different times. "

Leo & Mirjam

"September 6, 2013 was our wedding day. We decided after a nice interview to be captured our day photographic Maarten Thiebou. This is our very birth, Maarten is at all important moments on a day at the right time in the right place and knows all times very beautiful to capture on film. After a few weeks we received the DVD which we enjoyed very much. Then the difficult task of selecting the best / most out of print in album. Meanwhile, we also received the album and it has been wonderful. Maarten is not only a great photographer, he gives advance and on the day itself all sorts of tips. Maarten We can recommend it as a wedding photographer who can place perfectly in the picture. Maarten thanks Mirjam van der Awakening and me! "

Lars & Aline

"Maarten's thorough work, with advance a comprehensive introduction and going through precisely the schedule for that day. Very nice! On the day he is quiet (very nice) and he manages to beautifully capture the crucial moments. With both the reportage posed as the snapshots we are more than satisfied! And he creates unexpected extras such as all day guests a candid portraits taken. A wedding photographer to recommend. "

Filip & Erica

"Maarten was always (without we knew it) present at the right time in the right place to make a beautiful picture. We are very pleased with his work. Not only has he made very beautiful pictures, he had previously also lots of useful advice for the smooth running of the wedding. We can recommend it wholeheartedly! "

Marco & Hendrianne

"Hi Maarten, we can not thank you enough for your share of our wedding. The photo shoot took you very professional, additionally you have to make it through your creativity beautiful varied and unique wedding photos. "

Tim & Marjolijn

"Maarten is a creative wedding photographer adjusting his style to the wishes of the couple. Thanks to an extensive interview Maarten knew very well what our wishes. This has led to stunning wedding photos where we are very happy! "

Floris & Marloes

"Maarten has on our wedding beautiful pictures that we have a lot of fun. Maarten is a photographer cozy where you feel right at your convenience. He is full of pictures and you can show him what you would like, and he is coming. He is not in the foreground in place and we have our wedding not noticed that he was there, exactly what we wanted. All our guests felt afterwards that we had such a good wedding photographer. "

Arjan & Hester

"We were married on September 6, 2012, in advance, we have had an extensive preparatory conversation with the photographer we were able to identify our needs and in which the photographer had some great ideas. On the day itself the photographer was also well prepared. He was not too much in evidence as we requested and unobtrusive, he has still managed to create a beautiful portrait of nearly all guests. In addition, it was found that he could still give some tips about the wedding dress when went there just something wrong next wedding photographer. We had a beautiful day and there beautiful photos to left over and was also the post service just fine !!! "

Jeroen & Esther

"We learned Maarten's photography work Knowing the wedding of my sister. These were all beautiful pictures. When Esther and I myself got married a year later, we did not hesitate to ask Maarten, especially considering it in relation to the quality he produces charges a very competitive rate. Our marriage in Amsterdam, he made a wonderful report, which fully met our expectations. We always enjoy the pictures. He has a good eye for detail, but also holds great overview. Maarten Thiebou is above all someone who loves good account of the wishes of the customer and also appears in his work very flexible. The service afterwards is also perfect. All in all we can highly recommend Maarten Thiebou. "

Jeffrey & Cecile

"We have been married almost two years. On Friday, May 13th, 2011 Maarten, our lovely day down completely. We have several friends and family members having their wedding pictures and so had our own vision how we wanted to see our wedding to wedding photos. Well that is entirely successful, every time friends again see our wedding album they say what the wedding photos are still become beautiful. Maarten was from 09:00 present and captured all the important moments, from the hairdo, makeup, clothes, first time we saw each other the first time the family and day guests saw us, the moment of marriage, cake cutting, dinner, first dance, and you name it. He has all day been present to complete the wedding photos. What we found really nice was that everything was negotiable and that he was thinking of a lot of fun details, was very original and creative. He also thought about so much more than just shooting, we have so much gone through during the introductory and follow-up appointments in terms of planning, he had a lot of good ideas from his experience. Our day was really great and what could be nicer to be able to enjoy even after your wedding day through beautiful wedding photos. He has a lot of attention for beautiful moments between the couple but also between parents and guests. We are really very happy with our pictures and are very grateful for his good service and above all his professionalism. Every time we look back with pleasure in our wedding album. Maarten another time thank you so much! "

Henk & Roelien

"Maarten May 18, 2012 catered our wedding photographs. He has addressed outstanding. Explained what he had done until then and how he wanted to approach it. Advance had several times contacted and everything discussed. On the day this led to little or no problems. We received a beautiful wedding photographs for an appropriate amount Maarten and we can certainly recommend it to you. "

Nick & Renske

"The whole day that Maarten was present he shot beautiful wedding photos on a quiet and confidential approach. He is also spontaneous and knows appropriate to initiate everything on track to complete the day. Maarten has a lot of creativity, in particular, our group photos with guests day were very surprising and there is often asked afterwards to whether he had thought of this or that we wanted this so. Maarten has an eye for detail and precise, this is reflected in the wedding photos. We felt very much at ease with Maarten and took into account questions and needs. "

Paul & Chantal

"We still look back with pleasure on our wedding day, which is fully committed to our desire Maarten. What we found so fine to Maarten was that he made central to our wishes and that his ideas were an extension of this. In an interview prior to the Maarten home was soon clear that he was open to our ideas. These ideas he has with us made more specific and supplemented by his own creative suggestions. had a few words of our atmosphere it enough to understand how our wedding photographs had come to look like. On the day he was professional and pragmatic. Therefore he could many different impressions of our day record and there was room for improvisation. So there came a complete classroom while taking pictures in natural surroundings by bicycle. Instead of waiting until it was over, Maarten took advantage of the moment and he has made a very nice picture of this situation. Maarten is not only a good and creative wedding photography but also was a nice person at our wedding to have around us. He knew very well how important this day was for us and showed that trade marks by us alone to give a moment Couple at the start of the day. And last but not least, the end result is stunning and we still enjoy our wedding pictures! "

Kim & Juri

"We decided on a wedding photographer was soon cases. Through word of mouth we ended up at Maarten. We had a very nice interview with him and we had soon realized that we were dealing with a professional. Maarten holds many consider the personal wishes of a couple. We did not want too many posed pictures of, or with our families, but rather of those sneaky pictures often reflect the emotions of people well. He has beautiful pictures of us in a park. He had a lot of creative ideas, and that causes us a lot of fun regularly browse through our wedding album. We have received many positive reactions to the pictures and the word of mouth really works. After seeing our photographs has a friendly couple also chosen as a wedding photographer Maarten. Maarten We can wholeheartedly recommend you. "

Ed & Esther

"Our wedding day was June 26, 2009. It is not easy to find a photographer that gives you one click, and you feel good from the first moment. Maarten is a special wedding photographer who captures the romantic and exciting moments, with a lot of humor and emotion. He is a true professional, you notice everything. Our wedding reportage is complete and contains the guest photos and photo location photos, impressive moments we have just afterwards appreciate that. Maarten is looking at those moments. Such a day is over, but the photos remain to help you remember those wonderful moments. "

Koos & Eline

"Based on experiences during our marriage we recommend Maarten wholeheartedly for your wedding photographs! His photographs have that little bit extra that you will not easily find in other photographers. He takes the time to really get to know and have a creative approach that the pictures have a unique personal touch. Moreover, he often encounter on a pleasant way among the guests and he goes where other photographers would be satisfied. Every time we see the pictures we again enjoy. We would definitely re-hire him for an important occasion! Koos and Eline "