In brief

First, we plan an introductory meeting where your wishes and requirements are discussed. This is to ensure a personal touch is given to the photography. About a month in advance, we discuss the final details and I'll give you some advice for the day. After the wedding a link will be send to for a bank transfer (the Dutch iDEAL system). After the payment is received the photo's are handed over.

On the wedding day

A wedding shoot from IKZEGJA is characterized by the photographer keeping in the background, being sensitive to the atmosphere and always capture the right moment from the right angle in the most beautiful manner using the right technique. "Maarten was always (without us realizing it) there to make a beautiful picture at the right time in the right place." It's so important to have a casual and relaxed atmosphere during the wedding.

During shooting, I focus first on the on overall picture in one location and then work my way down to the details. I also work as a fashion photographer, I have knowledge of styling, makeup and the proper light and illumination in which to capture a subject. This knowledge I also apply whilst creating the wedding photo's. By for example hanging out the dress in a place where it I can find most beautiful light I can capture all the integrate details, and make sureeven the detailssuch as accessories are captured in a nice way; Corsages left in a box I give a nice place on a serving dish.

Does this way of working fit with what you want? Please send me an e-mail to check my availability on your day.